Fortified City with high walls that seem to be in good shape, but once inside the city, seems pretty run down. The city is full of traveling caravans, seemingly from all over Faerun.

  • Known as the Gateway to the East, Citizen’s rebelled against Amn to join Tethyr and succeeded.
  • Lady Aura Coprith, a priest of Waukeen is the major ruler in town.
  • Since the rebellion, things have gotten pretty bad in town with folks having to fund succession from Amn. Trade is still good out the east and many travelers still stay in town.

Points of Interest:

Firehair Hall and Lady Heartwarder Qima Priestess of Selune
Seems there are more followers from Cyric showing I’ve noticed.
Sells Healing potions at -20% discount (recognizes Josh’s bracers).

Equipment shop emporium as well as a small magic items shop. All items and magic items 300 gp or less.

Lodge of Coins and Heclare, Paladin of Waukeen
Gem of Brightness (15,000gp)
Chain Shirt +4 (9,000gp)
Longsword +5 (50,000gp)
archturamade gloves

The Rook’s Treasure and Onatrodes
Magic Items: arcane scrolls of 4th level or less
Potions $300 or less
Boots of Speed (8000gp)
Ring Gates (40,000gp)
Leather Armor of Shadow +3 (10,160gp)
Full Plate Sonic Resistance +1 (10,650gp)
Ring of Force Shield (8500gp)
Short Spear +4 (32,000gp)
Figurine of wondrous power Elephant (17,000gp)
Quiver of Ehlonna 1800gp

Vilhound and Binor the Cyclops
Binor belongs to the organization.
Vilhound is Shadow Thieves tavern
Encountered Ylenora


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