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Castle Spullzeer

Once inhabited by the rightful heir Chardath, who has gone mad since having murdered his sister Marble, or is that what drove him mad… Frequent visits from his distant relative Kartack, who has achieved lichdom. Now the castle and lands are freed from the undead that haunted the vale and the Spullzeer family lands and castle are up for grabs… current black dragon squatters and all. Jump to the full castle page for more information.

The Land of Amn

Castle Spullzeer is located in the south east in the land of Amn. Based on your conversations with Shyressa here is what you know:

  • Ruler: Amn is controlled by the council of 6, one of which is from the Shadow Thieves Guild, but we do not know who.
  • The Shadow Thieves run the underworld and the thieving from Amn all the way up to Baldur’s gate. The main thieves guild is located in Athkatla.
  • Cowled Wizards: The controlling Arcane power in this region whose ideals are to preserve the art and magical lore of Amn. They keep a very close eye out for foreign wizards and protect Amn from new dangerous magics and attacks. We have attempted to ascertain the skills of all their wizards, but either because of shear incompetence or some amazing power on their behalf a few have blocked our scrying attempts. Also the rebel arcane power that opposes the Cowled Wizards is the Emerald Cabal and seek for the balance of the Amnian empire.
  • The Harpers. There is a very powerful Ranger, Carroake, who is the unofficial protector of Amn. He has the ability to effortlessly pass between this realm and ethereal. With your presence, expect a visit if you have not been visited by his operatives already. His 2nd in command is a very powerful druid who lives north of here who is very elusive; we have not been able to determine his name. But you know his name: Galvin They will not want any unwanted destruction of towns, woodlands, or trade routes.

Current Threats:

  • Ogre Mages Currently there is an army of humanoid monsters that control the port city of Murann to the west, which is led by an extremely powerful group of ogre mages. One of whose power our organization has been unable to determine.
  • Church of Cyric Among the Tejarn Hills lies the Dark Reboubt, which followers of Cyric scheme and plan for the rise of the sadistic cult. Possibly as far as the Small Teeth Mountains, mysterious reports of cloaked figures being see.
  • Skull Gnashers A clan of highly tatical skirmishing Hill Giants plundering along Tethyr road.

The Land of Tethyr

Based on your conversations with Juala and from towns folk in Toralth here is what you know:

  • Wealdath Also known as Forest of Tethyr. Home of the Sy’Tel’Quessar elves, who have traveled from Cormanthor. The Eastern part of Wealdath is also home to the dwarven exile Tharzon, contains the emerald gem mine which belong to who ever owns Spullzeer lands, and has been invaded by Yuanti who also dwell in an very old abandoned temple. See more here about the conversation with Juala about the Wealdath forest.

Current Threats:

  • Yuanti Setting up encampments and installing dangerous traps. Information you’ve gathered so far is that the Yuanti are being controlled somehow and serve a snake master that has one eye. They employ poison tipped arrow, poisonous bites, and polymorph/mind control magic.


Additional Notes about the Land of Intrigue:

  • City States. Since the surrounding lands are so dangerous and instable, cities often operate as enclosed city states centralized around one particular product or service. Instead of the typical decentralized farming communities, these cities often have a ruling baron family that own the product or service and employ the town folks to create a fully functional organization. The organization is much like a business with all the town folks employeeds. Much of the organization is made up of security for the city and for caravans traveling to and from other cities. Cities are built out of necessity to protect groups of people from the ever present outside threats of monsters. Each of these states pay taxes to the overseeing government of the Council of Six and for the Councillor Amry of Amn.

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