spullzeer castle

     Most in Amn and Tethyr know of the “Spulzeer” name. Located on the border of Amn and Tethyr south of Tethyr road and on the east edge of the Forest of Tethyr. The castle was built in 795 by Tregas Spellseer, was once the site of grand carnivals given the benefit of travelers and was a stop not be missed by southbound caravan or free merchant until 830 when jealous merchants turned the crown against them. Compounding the accusations leveled at them, Kartak Spellseer, stepped in evil was tried and convicted of a horrible series of murders. In the year 838, the name changed to Spulzeer in an attempt to restore the good name and profits of the clan.
     Spulzeer was known for many more highs and lows. Some clam that the land that the castle was built has been cursed from the start. Some say the elves of Wealdath cursed them for building the castle so close to thier lands. Others say that they’ve practiced in evil magic and that they’ve brought curses upon themselves by practicing evil magic rituals and arts.

Castle Layout:

The castle sets on fairly flat surrounds, is of solid construction and its parameter consists of a fairly wide and deep moat. The floor plan consists of three above ground floors and two below ground. The first floor is mainly made up of a great hall, kitchen, private guess rooms, and servant rooms. The second floor is dominated by a large dinning area. The third floor consists of a library and private bedrooms. The basement floor is well furnished with a games parlor, additional private guess bedrooms, storage rooms and a treasure room. The dungeon level consists of an expansive alchemy lab, prison cells, and storage room. Each floor contains a public and secret staircase.

1st floor and dungeon levels 2nd and 3rd floor


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