weapon (melee)

Great Ax +2

Whispered its name when picked up. Cannot put ax down once picked up.

Vorpral Weapon – Severs head with role of 18 or higher
Detect Good at will
Find Snares and Pits at will
Once per day, can cast Bull’s Strength as an 8th level caster(weilder only)


Onatrodes Sage advice:
The Ax contains the tanar’ri demon Maleffluent. You hear it whisper its name into your mind, yes. The demon is very powerful and contributed to the down fall of Myth Drannor. A powerful elven wizard, Findantalist banished the demon into the weapon just outside of the Ursplindaar library in the Battle of the Army of Darkness, but the demon was able to counter some of the effects by essentially creating itself as a cursed weapon. The demon spirit starts fusing with its wielder by one, preventing letting go of the weapon and two, continuously seeking to drive the wielder insane.

I would need to cast a powerful divination spell on you and the ax to determine how to break the curse.

To break the curse, you must travel to Myth Drannor and go to the Ursplindaar library.

The demon, Maleffluent looks like the ax head, has large super sharp wings and had a particular taste for humanoid heads.


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