Archturamade Gloves


Archturamade refers to a type of material that can channel energy. Made by the forest Gnomes of Mir in Tethyr. Archturamade items are partially mechanical, partially cloth, partially arcane, contain one or more slots which a stone can be place in. Depending on the properties of the stone, the item will gain specific powers and bestow them onto the wearer. Ion stones can also be used for enhanced special effects.

This particular set of gloves, the right glove has two slots and the left has one.


Current owner is and old paladin, Heclare of Waukeen, over at the Lodge of Coins:

In my adventures for Waukeen I aided the forest Gnomes of Mir from an attacking demon lord from Graz’zt and they gave me these in return. These are some of the most powerful artifacts in the world and its practically priceless. I’ll sell these to you for 100K gp, if you can bring me really potent drink, perhaps some noble brew from Procampur or even fair Chassenta’s whiskey houses.
I’d give you the gloves if you could wrestle the Maidenfire Gold of Cedrizarun. There was a lady in town named Zandria, who is on her way to Shanooch to find the tome of Cedrizarun. She had a bottle of Maidenfire gold with her. She said she was stopping in Toralth, perhaps you could catch up with her there. The gloves are yours if you can get me that brew.

Archturamade Gloves

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