Recharged your wand of cure moderate wounds effortlessly.
Touches a jewel on her necklace and vanishes instantly.


“I am a member of one of the most powerful archmage organization in the world that has existed for over 1000 years, of which must remain anonymous for now. Our organization operates mainly out of Calisham, but recent events have forced us to be more interested in Amn.”

“I’d like for you to join our operations and take the place of Kartack. He is obviously too clumsy and stupid and was easily killed. You don’t need to know the name of the group, just know that I am one of many leaders. As you prove your usefulness and loyalty, you will be given more, both in knowledge, power, and influence. Here is a symbol that only the faithful of our group use and understand. Do not share this with anyone, or there will be consequences.”

Rune symbol

“Use the castle as your home. Also there is a very special artifact here that I need you to protect for me, which I must keep a secret from you for now. Do what you wish with the castle. It serves as a perfect location to monitor trade and news from Amn, Tethyr, and Calisham to the heartlands of the east.”

“Also I’d like for you to be our operatives in Amn. I have many tasks for you that relate to these lands. Trust me, the tasks will be worth your time and troubles in more ways than one.”

“We are opposed to the operations of the Shadow Thieves. They are trying to get a presence in Calimsham, especially Calimport. We have been disposing their operatives and spies attempting to gain a foothold there. I’d like you to give them something that preoccupies their time”

“I need you to infiltrate the Shadow Thieves guild in Athkatla. They have a special way of dealing assassinations, special carvings in the victims. I need you to learn their secret. Also they leave a special blue flower that only they know where it grows. Go and see our agent located in the Den of the Seven Vales, a spell component shop. Give him this as a sign of who you are and who you represent. He will help you to gain entrance into the Thieves Guild, but I’ve heard that the entrances require traversing traps, mazes, and even tortured monsters to gain access to the inner guild to learn their secrets.”

“Once you have learned the assassination technique and obtained the special flower, I need you to travel to Murann and assassinate one of the chief ogre mages that commands the goblin hordes, but you cannot be not be discovered. We have spies there who are aware of a back door entrance into their fortress, but the back door caves are very old and most likely full of perils.”

“We depend some on the commerce from Maztecka and trade in and out has been difficult with the port city of Murann taken over by hordes of goblin armies and those pathetic Ogre Mages. Additionally we need this force of Ogre Mages to concentrate efforts on the Shadow Thieves. So the Shadow Thieves would concentrate less on establishing a presence in Calimshan.”

“What do you get in exchange: If you can accomplish the task and stay alive, Full membership into our organization as well as information on some of its magics and secrets. You seek power and danger and perhaps to even challenge the Gods. I see it in your eyes. I will give you the tools and the means to do so.”



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