Galvin the Druid, member of the Harpers


Turns into a Great Tiger.
Took on 3 Hill Giants.
Introducted you to Andeeylopardii, a gynosphinx.


“Well met friends, I am Galvin, a druid of Harpers, looks like I came just in time to aid you. I come in peace and mean you no harm. I have healing spells if you would trust me. Are you in need?”

“These are skirmishers from the Gnashing Skulls clan, but usually they operate closer to Tobold to the west. Also I’ve never seen a group this big, nor one that attacked with such calculated tactics. Oddly enough their king, Fedduk, was not among them. You seem to have fared well against such a formidable challenge, but I wonder if some other force was involved, intent on capturing or killing you. Perhaps finally an alliance has formed between the Hill Giants and the Followers of Cyric. Where are you headed?”

“I would suggest a southern passage, otherwise you may suffer additional attacks with more force and you’ll need to pass by the Rebout of Cyric. I can offer you safe passage south for a trade. I have shown you no ill will and will lead you on a straight path south to Tethir road. This land, north of Riatavin is dangerous and mysterious. None of this land is protected by the Councillor Army.”

“I am a member of the Harpers and I serve to protect these lands. We harpers work against warfare, slavery, and wanton destruction of plants and animals of the land. We oppose those who would build empires by the sword or spilled blood. We protect lands from outsiders that wish their destruction, but also from themselves that become too greedy and work toward the destruction of nature in favor of commerce. This land of Amn is one such place full of both indeed.”

“Also, I am familiar with you folks and your tales of glory. Our meeting is not by chance, for the animals and forest have eyes of fear with your coming to this land. I come to you as a friend to give you warning and advice. First I offer a warning from myself. I know not your business in the land, but ask that you be careful not to cause trouble or seek to closely to your own evil desires. There are many who would prove powerful enemies, myself included. I am your ally and friend, but I leave the choice to you. Also I warn against those greater evils that would use you for their own evil ends. Many opportunities you may have, but be careful in who you cross in doing so. An alliance to evil poses threats not only from good enemies, but also from would be evil allies.”

“I have given you my warning, now advice from a wise and powerful beast that nests here. She is Andeeylopardii, a gynosphinx of old. I have asked to bring you to her and she has agreed. Again with no ill will, but that you may hear her advice for yourself and make your own judgment. She lives over yonder, if ye would allow me to take you to her.”



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