Dread on the Horizon

Welcome to the Temple... you sure you want to go in?

While traveling in the jungle to the right of Shar’s gap, you detected a trap. Deciding to go around, you were ambushed by 3 attacking Yuanti.

In the dying round of attacking the final Yuanti, Jamie used his snake rod to see how the yuanti would react. It appears to have had some kind of awakening effect on the yuanti, but it did not live long enough to determine the outcome.

After moving along you discover the location of the Emerald Gem mine, which clearly has a dwarven influence with 30ft high columns and statues of dwarves for the entrance. However the entrance is blocked by large boulders and rubble that appear to have been put there on purpose from the inside.

Moving on to the temple just north, the temple has two floors, with a smaller floor on top of the larger lower floor. It appears to have a door on each floor, but upon further inspection both doors are full of Shocking glyphs. Back on the lower floor, Tim decided to blink through the first floor and discovered that the lower door is a fake door, which has recently been filled in by a make shift stone wall of lesser quality than the true temple wall. He also saw two large iron golems with snake heads moving toward him.

He blinked back through and suggested destroying the fake wall. Upon destroying the fake wall the heroes were attacked by the two iron golems. Tim thought he could lift 5000 lbs and was going to twirl an iron snake golem on his finger like a basketball, dribble it around, then slam dunk it. After some damage to both groups the heroes prevailed, outsmarting the two large hulking iron monsters.

Moving on from what appeared to be the likes of a dining room; the heroes moved on to the adjacent library and discovered several Tomes of the legend of the demi god Zaridun:
1) The temple was founded by Zaridun who achieved demi god status and lives in the lower levels of the dungeon.
2) Refers to himself as the Dark Cyst.
3) Achieved a level of darkness that he himself is darkness and can consume whole beings into his darkness to absorb that being’s powers and abilities.

The rest of the temple remains unsearched…


JesseElder JesseElder

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