Dread on the Horizon

Spullzeer Over, what next?

Now What

Heroes were approached by Cowled Wizards representative Meritheus and required the heroes to sign articles of Cowled Wizard membership. Details here (coming soon).

Heroes were approached by Anders, agent of the same group as Shyressa His comments to you:
You must travel to Athkatla, go to the Den of the Seven Vales. Wait there for an agent of ours named Thutack, who will approach you first. When he does, share the symbol with him. He will give you instructions on how to access the Thieves guild. Do not let anyone know who you are. Also deliver to him this rod (cancellation) and these scrolls (Contact Other Plane, 3x Planar Binding, Greater Planar Binding).

Traveled to Riatavin:

Met Onatrodes:
Gives PCs a clue about the silver ring. This is a very special ring that looks to be a dragon key. This dragon key is given to those whom dragons trust with accessing a back door to its layer. This one such key is for a silver dragon. Typically the key possesses some simple magic properties, but has a hidden property that needs to be unlocked somehow that is directly proportional to the dragon’s power. This key may be a key to the great silver wyrm’s layer to the north in the snowflake mountains.
If you travel there, you’ll want to make sure you know all there is to know about Shilmista, Forest of Shadows: Wild elves live there.

Met Eris Eleneck at the Flipping Coin Inn who shared:
News of the snake men coming out of wealdath forest. When I traveled from Surval Ford, I heard an elf describe how the snake people would carry around snake like rods that turned into snakes. If someone had one, they could pass off as one of them.

Met Heclare of Waukeen at the Lodge of Coins who showed you: archturamade gloves

Met Binor the Cyclops at the Vilhound, also a member of the organization you work for. Told you about the dark Elf Ylenor.

Met Ylenora, a dark elf member of the Shadow Thieves. She told you to meet her outside of town.

Ylenora and three members of the Shadow Thieves attacked the heroes outside of the city and in her dying breath told you this:
Shadow Thieves are interested in establishing a thieve’s guild in Calimport in order to possibly kill Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal, the current rules. Rachel is the guild leader in Athakla and is a fey-ri half-demon, who is ruthless and crazy.


I’m rich Biatch!!

Spullzeer Over, what next?
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