Dread on the Horizon

Map of Wealdath

snake phobia anyone?

Met Juala A recap of your conversation with her:
Humans are not allowed inside the forest. If the other elves see you here, they will think you are enemies. You the sore-anka, earth man, they’ll leave you alone. Its not safe for you here. You should leave. My father and brothers do not trust humans inside the borders of Wealdath.
About the Yuanti: The Yunnerra, Yuanti arrived about a year ago. They have taken over this portion of the woodlands. We elves do not care for their presence, but they do keep intruders away. I’d rather be rid of them if you ask me. The Yuanti are extremely tough, often mixing melee attacks with range and range magic attacks. Beware of their snares and pit traps. Sometimes their gods, anathemas live in these pits for trapping food, like adventurers. The anathemas are extremely deadly.
About Tharzon: His business is his own. He has agreed to peace with my father, so we do not bother him. He can fend for himself with his clansmen. As far as I know the yuanti do not bother him, or many have died trying.
About the temple: Its been here for 1000s of years to some unknown god. It was here before we got here. No great essence of divine or magical power comes from there. Its pretty much useless. The Yuanti use it now, for what, I’m not sure.
About the gap of Shar: Dark elves live somewhere below the forest and their goddess Sloth has made some arrangement with the goddess Shar to create the chasm. Since the chasm, the path west has been cut off.
Further advice: Be on your guard against the Green Warders as well. They are controlled by the Mythal and protect these lands from intruders. The Yuanti, due to their psionic abilities know how to avoid the warders, but if they trap you, you could be in serious trouble. Farther to the east is the Mythal Rhynn. It was first built by the Drow who live under the forest, but my ancesters have turned it for good to protect the core of the woodlands. Sadly though, the Ogre Mages who now hold Murann, have somehow captured some of the magical flow from the Mythal and can bend the will of the monster hordes.
At the end of the conversation she gave the heroes some supplies:
20 arrows +1d6 ice, 20% chance to freeze,
4 cure serious wounds
4 neutralize poison.

Discovered a discharge trap of dead humans caught in a net.

Yuanti Attack
Approached a Yuanti encampment and were ambushed. One Yuanti spoke about how the Yuanti are enslaved by the Great Eye. There is some control holding the Yuanti to the forest.

Learned about traps.

Met Tharzon Recap of conversation:
I’ve left the Sunset Mountains in exile, my clan and I. We are disgraces and have found peace here among the jungle and the elves. Though there have been more snakes and worse in these lands of late. I’d be thankful for some decent work to get into though. There is not much of good dwarven work in these lands of trees and jungle.
About the bottle and the riddle of the Shanooch tome:
My clansmen and I are descendants from the Cedrizarun and some of his brewing techniques have been passed down. He shares a better translation of the tome etching.

Green Warder Attack:
Caused Tim and Jamie to fall into a deep sleep and then for Jamie to wake up with a slight fear of the forest.


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