Dread on the Horizon

Beefed up Gear

On to the next adventure, what will it be???


Yuanti Attack


Met Zandria
Gives the heroes an etching of a dwarven inscription that reveals the location of the tome of the brewmaster dwarf Cedrizarum from the Shoon empire located in Shoonach. She asks the heroes to seek Cedrizarum’s distant relative, Tharzon to help inscribe the dwarven inscription better. Once the heroes have solved the riddle, Zandria agreed to give the heroes the bottle of Maidenfire gold. She also would like to employ the heroes to travel with Shoonach to help her find the tome.

Kilen – halfing who tries to steal from Josh. Tells them: to visit the cleric Fnarl and tell that you’re a fellow faithful of Ilmater, he’ll be sure to give you some good information. He may quiz you, so make sure to say something about how Ilmater is the strength of the Triad and that you believe that no injustice will go unpunished. He is a very powerful elf who left Weadath.


JesseElder JesseElder

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