Dread on the Horizon

Welcome to the Temple... you sure you want to go in?

While traveling in the jungle to the right of Shar’s gap, you detected a trap. Deciding to go around, you were ambushed by 3 attacking Yuanti.

In the dying round of attacking the final Yuanti, Jamie used his snake rod to see how the yuanti would react. It appears to have had some kind of awakening effect on the yuanti, but it did not live long enough to determine the outcome.

After moving along you discover the location of the Emerald Gem mine, which clearly has a dwarven influence with 30ft high columns and statues of dwarves for the entrance. However the entrance is blocked by large boulders and rubble that appear to have been put there on purpose from the inside.

Moving on to the temple just north, the temple has two floors, with a smaller floor on top of the larger lower floor. It appears to have a door on each floor, but upon further inspection both doors are full of Shocking glyphs. Back on the lower floor, Tim decided to blink through the first floor and discovered that the lower door is a fake door, which has recently been filled in by a make shift stone wall of lesser quality than the true temple wall. He also saw two large iron golems with snake heads moving toward him.

He blinked back through and suggested destroying the fake wall. Upon destroying the fake wall the heroes were attacked by the two iron golems. Tim thought he could lift 5000 lbs and was going to twirl an iron snake golem on his finger like a basketball, dribble it around, then slam dunk it. After some damage to both groups the heroes prevailed, outsmarting the two large hulking iron monsters.

Moving on from what appeared to be the likes of a dining room; the heroes moved on to the adjacent library and discovered several Tomes of the legend of the demi god Zaridun:
1) The temple was founded by Zaridun who achieved demi god status and lives in the lower levels of the dungeon.
2) Refers to himself as the Dark Cyst.
3) Achieved a level of darkness that he himself is darkness and can consume whole beings into his darkness to absorb that being’s powers and abilities.

The rest of the temple remains unsearched…

Map of Wealdath
snake phobia anyone?

Met Juala A recap of your conversation with her:
Humans are not allowed inside the forest. If the other elves see you here, they will think you are enemies. You the sore-anka, earth man, they’ll leave you alone. Its not safe for you here. You should leave. My father and brothers do not trust humans inside the borders of Wealdath.
About the Yuanti: The Yunnerra, Yuanti arrived about a year ago. They have taken over this portion of the woodlands. We elves do not care for their presence, but they do keep intruders away. I’d rather be rid of them if you ask me. The Yuanti are extremely tough, often mixing melee attacks with range and range magic attacks. Beware of their snares and pit traps. Sometimes their gods, anathemas live in these pits for trapping food, like adventurers. The anathemas are extremely deadly.
About Tharzon: His business is his own. He has agreed to peace with my father, so we do not bother him. He can fend for himself with his clansmen. As far as I know the yuanti do not bother him, or many have died trying.
About the temple: Its been here for 1000s of years to some unknown god. It was here before we got here. No great essence of divine or magical power comes from there. Its pretty much useless. The Yuanti use it now, for what, I’m not sure.
About the gap of Shar: Dark elves live somewhere below the forest and their goddess Sloth has made some arrangement with the goddess Shar to create the chasm. Since the chasm, the path west has been cut off.
Further advice: Be on your guard against the Green Warders as well. They are controlled by the Mythal and protect these lands from intruders. The Yuanti, due to their psionic abilities know how to avoid the warders, but if they trap you, you could be in serious trouble. Farther to the east is the Mythal Rhynn. It was first built by the Drow who live under the forest, but my ancesters have turned it for good to protect the core of the woodlands. Sadly though, the Ogre Mages who now hold Murann, have somehow captured some of the magical flow from the Mythal and can bend the will of the monster hordes.
At the end of the conversation she gave the heroes some supplies:
20 arrows +1d6 ice, 20% chance to freeze,
4 cure serious wounds
4 neutralize poison.

Discovered a discharge trap of dead humans caught in a net.

Yuanti Attack
Approached a Yuanti encampment and were ambushed. One Yuanti spoke about how the Yuanti are enslaved by the Great Eye. There is some control holding the Yuanti to the forest.

Learned about traps.

Met Tharzon Recap of conversation:
I’ve left the Sunset Mountains in exile, my clan and I. We are disgraces and have found peace here among the jungle and the elves. Though there have been more snakes and worse in these lands of late. I’d be thankful for some decent work to get into though. There is not much of good dwarven work in these lands of trees and jungle.
About the bottle and the riddle of the Shanooch tome:
My clansmen and I are descendants from the Cedrizarun and some of his brewing techniques have been passed down. He shares a better translation of the tome etching.

Green Warder Attack:
Caused Tim and Jamie to fall into a deep sleep and then for Jamie to wake up with a slight fear of the forest.

Beefed up Gear
On to the next adventure, what will it be???


Yuanti Attack


Met Zandria
Gives the heroes an etching of a dwarven inscription that reveals the location of the tome of the brewmaster dwarf Cedrizarum from the Shoon empire located in Shoonach. She asks the heroes to seek Cedrizarum’s distant relative, Tharzon to help inscribe the dwarven inscription better. Once the heroes have solved the riddle, Zandria agreed to give the heroes the bottle of Maidenfire gold. She also would like to employ the heroes to travel with Shoonach to help her find the tome.

Kilen – halfing who tries to steal from Josh. Tells them: to visit the cleric Fnarl and tell that you’re a fellow faithful of Ilmater, he’ll be sure to give you some good information. He may quiz you, so make sure to say something about how Ilmater is the strength of the Triad and that you believe that no injustice will go unpunished. He is a very powerful elf who left Weadath.

Spullzeer Over, what next?
Now What

Heroes were approached by Cowled Wizards representative Meritheus and required the heroes to sign articles of Cowled Wizard membership. Details here (coming soon).

Heroes were approached by Anders, agent of the same group as Shyressa His comments to you:
You must travel to Athkatla, go to the Den of the Seven Vales. Wait there for an agent of ours named Thutack, who will approach you first. When he does, share the symbol with him. He will give you instructions on how to access the Thieves guild. Do not let anyone know who you are. Also deliver to him this rod (cancellation) and these scrolls (Contact Other Plane, 3x Planar Binding, Greater Planar Binding).

Traveled to Riatavin:

Met Onatrodes:
Gives PCs a clue about the silver ring. This is a very special ring that looks to be a dragon key. This dragon key is given to those whom dragons trust with accessing a back door to its layer. This one such key is for a silver dragon. Typically the key possesses some simple magic properties, but has a hidden property that needs to be unlocked somehow that is directly proportional to the dragon’s power. This key may be a key to the great silver wyrm’s layer to the north in the snowflake mountains.
If you travel there, you’ll want to make sure you know all there is to know about Shilmista, Forest of Shadows: Wild elves live there.

Met Eris Eleneck at the Flipping Coin Inn who shared:
News of the snake men coming out of wealdath forest. When I traveled from Surval Ford, I heard an elf describe how the snake people would carry around snake like rods that turned into snakes. If someone had one, they could pass off as one of them.

Met Heclare of Waukeen at the Lodge of Coins who showed you: archturamade gloves

Met Binor the Cyclops at the Vilhound, also a member of the organization you work for. Told you about the dark Elf Ylenor.

Met Ylenora, a dark elf member of the Shadow Thieves. She told you to meet her outside of town.

Ylenora and three members of the Shadow Thieves attacked the heroes outside of the city and in her dying breath told you this:
Shadow Thieves are interested in establishing a thieve’s guild in Calimport in order to possibly kill Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal, the current rules. Rachel is the guild leader in Athakla and is a fey-ri half-demon, who is ruthless and crazy.


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